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In the purest sense, WordPress web hosting could be a host that’s been optimized to run WordPress. The extra options offered can vary looking on the kind of WordPress hosting you go together with. But, generally, it’ll be equipped with options like one-click-install, thus you'll quickly install WordPress on your website, or automatic updates to the WordPress core.

Generally, WordPress hosting can have support workers that are higher versed in WordPress-related technical problems than your customary hosting workers.

Keep in mind that WordPress hosting isn't a demand if you would like to run WordPress. You’ll run WordPress on nearly any type of host because the necessities to run WordPress are quite the lowest.

In fact, the sole technical necessities support for running WordPress embrace MySQL five.0.15 or higher and PHP five.2.4 or higher. However, simply because you'll run WordPress on technically any host doesn’t mean you must. A WordPress host can assist you to get the foremost out of your website and provide you with bigger levels of performance across the board.

Types of WordPress Hosting

  1. Shared WordPress Hosting

Shared WordPress hosting is that the least expensive sort of WordPress hosting you’ll be able to notice. Think about it as maximize from ancient shared hosting therein it’s optimized specifically for WordPress. Still, with a shared WordPress hosting answer, you’ll be sharing server resources with different websites. This sharing of the online server atmosphere is what helps to stay prices low.

The web server you’re sharing can still be optimized for WordPress though', thus you may get improved performance over a standard shared server.

Other common options you’ll notice in ancient WordPress hosting embody the power to use a one-click WordPress installer, thus you'll install WordPress in an exceeding number of minutes. Some hosts can even provide you with the power to pre-install WordPress the instant you register for hosting.

Other options you'll notice embody automatic updates to the WordPress core, at the side of your themes and plugins, and after all, a knowledgeable support team.

Any other WordPress-related options enclosed in your package are host-specific.


  1. Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress sites get pleasure from one of all the best levels of hosting obtainable for WordPress sites. Managed WordPress hosting takes the strain out of hosting and managing your website, as you’ll have a team of WordPress consultants behind you each step of the means.

Typically, managed WordPress hosting can utilize an ardent server. However, it may also be organized with VPS hosting, cloud hosting, or maybe a shared server atmosphere. The precise variety of server specifications depends upon the hosting supplier you finish up selecting. Most frequently you’ll notice that managed WordPress hosts utilize dedicated servers, so provides you additional management over server setup and quantifiability.


Here are some of the largest benefits of WordPress managed hosting:


Incredibly quick speeds: If you run a WordPress website, then you'll get extraordinarily quick loading speeds by exploiting an associate degree optimized server atmosphere.

High levels of security: With WordPress hosting you've got a secure hosting atmosphere designed to safeguard against WordPress-specific attacks.

Up to now server: With machine-controlled updates, you'll guarantee your website remains quick and secure with none else work on your finish.

Dedicated support team: WordPress hosting offers you support workers that are well versed in WordPress and might assist you quickly remedy any hosting or website problems.

High-level time period: If your website makes cash, then each moment it’s offline you’re losing cash. A WordPress host will facilitate stop this from happening.

Managed WordPress hosting is one of all the additional bespoken hosting solutions obtainable. As a result, there are some drawbacks that may not align with the goals of your website.


For example, there are generally plugin restrictions. Bound plugins will be illegal thanks to their codebase, their security protocols, or a range of different reasons. So, if you’re employing a plugin that the host doesn’t enable, then you’ll have to be compelled to notice another or contemplate a distinct sort of hosting altogether.

Also, if you wish to run the other reasonably website on the far side of WordPress you can’t do this with managed WordPress hosting. There merely isn’t support to run the other reasonably website on the heavily bespoken server atmosphere.

Lastly, the prices of managed WordPress hosting may well be preventative for a few website homeowners. If your website is extremely profitable, then investment in managed WordPress hosting will facilitate improve your site’s performance, whereas saving you time on any technical hosting tasks. If you've got a tiny low budget, then there’s no shame in beginning with shared WordPress hosting and upgrading once you've got the budget.


Benefits of WordPress hosting


  1. Very Fast Speeds

Today having a fast-loading website is non-negotiable. If your website masses slowly not solely can you be providing poor user expertise, however, you’ll rank lower within the search engines too?

WordPress hosting is one of the most effective ways in which to hurry up your website. Even victimization shared WordPress hosting can improve your site’s performance over normally shared hosting plans. By solely running WordPress on bound servers, you'll create improvement and performance tweaks.

However, for the best levels of performance, you’ll need to pick WordPress-managed hosting. With managed WordPress hosting you’ll get hosting surroundings that have been fully optimized to your website. Plus, you’ll have a team of WordPress consultants behind you that may work to create optimizations and provide recommendations to additional elevate levels of performance.


  1. High Level of Security

Security isn’t typically thought of till it’s too late. However, by being proactive concerning website security you’ll keep your site secure whereas keeping all of your traveller and user information safe.

WordPress hosting has the distinctive advantage of having the ability to guard against WordPress-specific attacks. Once you’re employing an additional generalized host any security protocols in situ can solely defend against additional broad attacks.

However, with WordPress hosting you'll implement security measures against attacks that specifically target WordPress. Since WordPress is that the most typically hacked CMS, you’ll need to require extra steps to guard your website.

A lot of WordPress hosts also will have regular security scanning and watching, therefore you'll make certain your website is usually protected.

With managed WordPress hosting this can be typically taken a step additional. If your website will expertise a security breach, the host managing your website can assist you totally recover and patch any security holes.


  1. Up to date software package

When you’re running a WordPress website you’ll have to be compelled to run updates on an everyday basis. It’s a tiny low task that solely takes a few minutes. But, plenty of website homeowners typically forget to ascertain into their sites to visualize if any updates are accessible.

Not solely is keeping your website up thus far some way to confirm high performance, however, it'll keep your website safer.

Like most things, security-related updates are issued to patch security holes that are discovered. While not change your themes and plugins you allow your website receptive to be exploited. Plus, once new versions of the WordPress core have free any plugins or themes typically create updates also to stay compatible.

Depending on the WordPress host you’re victimization, automatic updates can be a district of the hosting package. This can guarantee your website is patched against any famed security problems and invariably running the newest version of the WordPress core, plugins, and themes.



 Essentially, WordPress hosting is any type of hosting that’s been optimized to run WordPress. The foremost common varieties of WordPress hosting you’ll notice area unit managed and shared internet hosting, though their area unit alternative varieties offered.

Shared WordPress hosting services, conjointly referred to as WordPress hosting, and are going to be the most cost-effective type of WordPress hosting offered. You’ll get a WordPress-optimized hosting platform t that you’ll be sharing alternative users. However, every user can have their own divided server setting that offers you access to an explicit level of server resources.

The other type offered is WordPress managed hosting. The managed hosting platform can offer you an awfully high-performing server setting that may assist you to get the foremost out of WordPress, in conjunction with an obsessive WordPress team that may facilitate to manage and optimize your web site and server setting.


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