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In simple words, Web hosting is a service of giving space for storing your website or application on a server on the internet. Once your website is created and is on the internet, it may be accessed by different computers connected to the web.


How does Web hosting work?

Web hosts are companies that lend their services and technologies to host websites on the web. Once the hosting company hosts your website, users will access it by writing in your net address (domain name) on their browsers. Once they do that, their pc connects to the server where your website is hosted on. The server successively serves (sends the files you've got a hold on the storage to display) {the net site |the web site} to your web visitor in their browser.


What are Web Hosting packages and which one to select?

At zingahosting.com, we have a range of hosting packages available in Shared, reseller and VPS hosting. You need to ask yourself the following questions to find the best package and web hosting type you should opt-in for :

  • What are the goals of your website?
  • How mission-critical is your application?
  • How much monthly traffic do you anticipate in the next one year?
  • Is much security do you require for the data stored on the webserver?
  • What is your expertise level?


Your answers would help you determine the following :

  • Storage Space - Total file size of your data stored on the webserver.
  • Bandwidth - Total monthly data transfer requirements
  • Control Panel - Are you conversant with server command prompts?
  • Cost – how many are you either willing to pay or have to be compelled to spend?


To give you an idea, on average, each page load these days is about 500 kb - 1000 kb data. So if you have about 10,000 page views per month, your monthly bandwidth requirement would be :

1000 kb x 10000 page views = approx 10 GB

This depends from website to website and also if the visitor browser is caching (storing previously loaded files like images, css, javascript) some files.


How to recognize that Web Hosting company to partner with?

Website hosting is an important decision as migrating from web host to another oftentimes breaks your website. It is always wise to take some time to analyse various parameters into account before you zero down on a web host.


  • Network Uptime: Which network backbone is their Datacenter present on? Where are their servers located?
  • Customers: How many customers does the hosting company have? 
  • Online Reviews and Testimonials :
  • Support: Often, web hosts withhold a few server functions to ensure the security of the server. Zingahosting.com servers use Cloudlinux which make the servers highly secure, preventing users to view each other's accounts. Due to this Zingahosting.com provides full access to you and do not need to contact us to complete such functions. Apart from that our support is always present.
  • Mobile Access - Can you access the control panel on your mobile device?


Different Types of Web Hostings


Web Hostings are primarily of the following types :

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is these days suitable for most of websites. You can just choose a bigger package. Till you have about 100,000 views per month, a shared hosting package is very suitable for your requirements. Zingahosting.com uses Cloud Linux which prevents any one user to slow down entire sever. Just like server space, each user has definite allocated processing power. The operating system does not allow any user to cross that limit ensuring good website performance to every user.


WordPress Hosting

If you've got a WordPress diary or website, it's counselled that you just purchase a WordPress hosting package because it is specifically optimized to cater to your WordPress website.


Reseller Hosting

If you wish to urge into the hosting business, buying Reseller Hosting permits you to lend or re-sell identical hosting services provided by the parent hosting company. With Reseller Hosting, you'll be able to conjointly upsell each different net service offered by the parent net host.


Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting provides you complete/administrative management of your server with full root access. You’ll be able to favour to install any code you would like to.


VPS hosting

You can think about VPS hosting as the next, stronger additional advanced variety of shared hosting. Whereas you are doing share a server with different websites, you're appointed resources that aren't shared with the opposite properties. If you cannot afford a fanatical server, VPS is that the thanks to going.


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